Hey there! I’m John.

How it all started

What began as a mild interest in credit cards and flights has now blossomed into an (unhealthy) obsession with utilizing credit cards to maximize rewards. I originally just wanted to get a good travel card but then as I researched more and more, I began to see the true value of transferrable credit card points. I realized that these insanely luxurious flights that I could only dream of affording weren’t so elusive after all. If I was strategic in how I accumulated points and redeemed them, I could pretty easily snag some of these coveted seats for not only myself but friends and family as well. That’s when I went all in into the hobby, analyzing cards and keeping my eyes out for great discounts and opportunities.

Since then I’ve accumulated and redeemed millions of miles for numerous international business and first class flights and am excited to keep doing so. I’m extremely passionate about anything credit card or award travel related and am excited to share that enthusiasm and knowledge with all of you guys!

Check out all my flight stats here. Everything you see here is booked with points and miles ๐Ÿ™‚

2024 Stats:

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