Chase Ink Cash/Unlimited 90k Offers Are Back!

Chase Ink Cash/Unlimited 90k Offers Are Back!

The New Higher 90k Offer

Currently on the official sign up pages for the Chase Ink Unlimited and the Chase Ink Cash, there is a 75,000 UR welcome bonus after $8000 in spend in the first 3 months. However, with these 2 new links, there is the elevated 90,000 UR offer after $6,000 in spend in 3 months. This is a great offer with more points for less spend.

However, the caveat is that if you have someone to refer you, it is still better for you to use a referral for the 75,000 offer. You will get 40,000 + 75,000 for 115,000 total UR going this method which is 25,000 UR more than using the elevated 90k link.

The Chase Ink Unlimited and Chase Ink Cash have a new elevated 90,000 UR offer
New Elevated 90k CIC/CIU Offer!

Should You Get Ink Unlimited/Cash or Ink Preferred?

With this elevated CIC/CIU offer, the SUB to MSR ratio is 90,000/6000 or 15 where as for the CIP offer, the SUB to MSR ratio is 100,000/8000 or 12.5. So the CIC/CIU 90k offer is actually a more “worth it” offer in terms of point to spend ratio.

If you’re not using a referral and are following the 3 month guidance for getting a new Ink card, then over the course of 1 year the comparison between CIC/CIU vs CIP would look like this.

CardTotal UR EarnedTotal SpendTotal Annual Fees
Chase Ink Preferred400,000$32,000$380
Chase Ink Unlimited/Cash360,000$24,000$0

So as you can see, if you get 4 CIPs, you would be earning 40,000 UR more while spending $8,380 more is not really worth it in my opinion. If you don’t have someone referring you, your best course of action is to get the 90k CIC/CIU offer. If you do have a referral, you’re better off using the referral with the 75k CIC/CIU option.

Other Notes

There was a rumor that the elevated 90k offer would come back in branch this week so seeing these links is a decent indicator that there is some truth to that rumor. However, the online offer hasn’t officially updated to this elevated 90k offer yet but if it does, I’d be interested in seeing if Chase will match people who got approved for the 75k offer to the 90k one.

Chase did this matching a couple months ago when the 90k offer decreased to the 75k offer so it’s definitely something to keep your eyes on.


It’s great to see the 90k offer come back for these cards. Hopefully referral links will reflect these new offers soon so that people can get 90k + 40k = 130k UR for a single card! That’d be amazing. In the meantime, I’ll be monitoring and updating you guys on any interesting developments on these cards. Let me know your thoughts on these new offers!

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