How To View The Virgin Atlantic Award Calendar Search

How To View The Virgin Atlantic Award Calendar Search

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is a terrific reward program that has some fantastic sweet spots like a round trip from the US to Tokyo in ANA business class for 90,000 miles! However, the website UI is not the greatest for quickly searching and finding these kinds of great awards. Thankfully, there’s a simple trick you can use to make this process a LOT easier!

What Is The Virgin Atlantic Award Calendar Search

Normally when you search for award availability on Virgin Atlantic’s website you’ll see the results page displayed like so.

The default Virgin Atlantic award search result page only shows 1 day of availability at a time
Default Award Search Result Page

This isn’t great since it only displays a single day at a time and you have to know the exact date of the award you’re looking for. However, we can do slightly better by using the “Show flexible dates” option on the search options screen.

You can use the "show flexible dates" option at the Virgin Atlantic search parameters page to pull up a week view of availability
You Can View A Weekly Award Availability Calendar Using The Flexible Dates Option

After checking this box and clicking search again, we will now see a one-week view of award availability. This is an improvement over the initial search but we can still do better.

The Virgin Atlantic week view will show 7 days of availability with the inputted date as the center of the week
Weekly Award Availability View

This is where the award calendar search comes into play. With the calendar search, we’ll be able to see award availability for the whole month as shown below. This makes it super easy to quickly scan and find the cheapest awards in a given month.

The Virgin Atlantic award calendar will show a full month's worth of availability with the lowest price highlighted in green
Calendar Award Availability View

How To Find The Virgin Atlantic Award Calendar Search

The trick to pull up this calendar search is extremely simple. First, you have to check the “Show flexible dates” box on the search parameters page and click search to get to the weekly view. Once you get to the weekly view page, you’ll see something like this in the URL.

In order to access the Virgin Atlantic award calendar view you must take the URL from the weekly view and change the "dates" word in the URL to "calendar"
Get The URL From The Weekly Calendar View Page

Then all you have to do is change the flexible-dates part of the URL to flexible-calendar.

After you’ve changed the URL you can press enter and it’ll pull up the award calendar search view.

After changing the URL and pressing enter you will pull up the Virgin Atlantic award calendar
Change Dates To Calendar In The URL To View The Calendar Search Page

The great thing about this view is that you can also scroll through the months quickly and view individual days by clicking the arrows to the left and right of the calendar.

You can use the left and right arrows on the side of the Virgin Atlantic award calendar to scroll between months and see availability for those  months
Use The Arrows To Scroll Between Months At A Time


The award calendar search page is extremely useful in being able to quickly find cheap awards. With this trick, you’ll be able to view availability months at a time and hopefully snag some great Virgin Atlantic or partner airline flights!

What are some great redemptions you’ve made through Virgin Atlantic Flying Club?

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