How To View The Air France Award Calendar Search

How To View The Air France Award Calendar Search

Air France’s Flying Blue program is a terrific reward program that has lots of great sweet spots like the US to Paris in Air France business class for 50,000 miles one way! However, the Air France website is a little bit clunky and it’s difficult to search for great awards effectively. Use this super easy trick to pull up the award calendar and quickly find award availability through Flying Blue!

What Is The Air France Award Calendar Search

When you normally search for award availability on Air France’s website, you’ll encounter something like this. It’ll display a week’s worth of availability and you can click through individual dates or use the arrows to search one day earlier or farther within the week.

Air France's default award search is not efficient at quickly finding awards
Air France Normal Award Search View

However, the award calendar search will display the award availability for your route for the entire month. This makes it exponentially easier to scan quickly for the cheapest prices and find amazing redemptions.

Air France's calendar award search displays availability for days within the month and makes it much easier to find good awards
Air France Award Calendar Search View

The mini date bar on top will even show the lowest award price for each month. You can use the arrows on top to scroll between the months and view the prices of each day. You can also click into a specific month directly from the date bar to view availability for that month.

You can scroll between months at a time using the arrows at the top of the Air France award calendar search view
Easily Switch Between Months With The Arrows On Top

How To Find The Air France Award Calendar Search

To view the Air France award calendar search all you have to do is just leave the date box empty when inputting your search parameters. If there’s already a date set, you can click the “x” to clear it and then click anywhere else on the page to get rid of the date picker that shows up.

Once you fill in all the other input boxes and leave the date box empty, you can click “search flights” and you’ll be taken to the award calendar search.

That’s all there is to it.

Leave the departure date box blank when searching for awards on Air France's website to be able to see the calendar view
Leave Date Box Empty To Access Calendar Search

Other Notes About The Air France Award Calendar Search

Browser Issues

This seems to have been recently fixed but there was some time when this calendar trick wasn’t working on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It would just display the calendar view but with no pricing numbers. The workaround was to do this trick in a Microsoft Edge browser. If this issue ever comes up again, just try out different browsers.

Inaccurate Date Pricing

This also seems to have been fixed but the calendar would occasinally show incorrect pricing for a given date. For example, the calendar view would show April 18th having availability for 50,000 miles but clicking on that date wouldn’t show that 50,000 mile option. This was because the 50,000 option was actually for the previous day. So if you click on April 17th, you will find the desired flight. If it ever shows up again, just click on the dates around the original date you wanted to see if the availability shows up there.

You Can Use The KLM Website

Since Air France and KLM share the Flying Blue program, you can also get the calendar view on KLM’s website using the same trick above. The only caveat is that KLM’s website is known to have more issues than Air France’s website. So if you do end up using KLM’s calendar view, you should find your flight and then go back to Air France’s website to make your booking.

KLM's website also has a calendar view that is accessed using the same trick to view the calendar of the Air France website
KLM’s Website Also Works With This Trick


The calendar search view is one of the easiest and best ways to find award availability. Luckily, Air France’s website has a solid award calendar search view that you can easily access using this simple trick. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use this trick to book some amazing flights!

What great redemptions have you been able to find using the Flying Blue program?

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