How To Get The Highest Amex Sign Up Bonus

How To Get The Highest Amex Sign Up Bonus

Why Care About Sign Up Bonuses?

Sign up bonuses are an integral part of the credit card award travel game. They are the single best source of points and miles and allow us to earn the most rewards in the quickest way possible. So we naturally want to get as high of a bonus as we can to help us get even more amazing award redemptions like the JW Marriott in Frankfurt, Germany shown below.

JW Frankfurt booked with a free night certificate and points

You should always keep track of what the current highest bonus is and how any current offers compare to historical ones. This way you have an idea of what is available today and what offer you should be trying to get. If the current offer is lower than what was offered in the past, it could be worthwhile holding out to see if that higher offer comes back.

A good resource to track the history of sign up offers is uscreditcardguide. There is a page for business credit cards as well. You click into a specific card and the page will show you a graph and text explaining the past offers for the card. As always, you should always do your own research as that page may miss something but it’s a good place to start.

uscreditcardguide is a good website for tracking the historical offers of a given card
Graph Showing The Historical Offers For A Given Card

Amex’s Unique Take on Sign Up Bonuses

Amex is different from all other major credit card issuers in that they have targeted offers for different cards. This means that what you may see on your screen for a certain card may not be what someone else sees for the exact same card.

For example, this is one possible offer for the Amex Gold.

The Amex Gold has a normal 60k offer showing regularly
Amex Gold 60k Offer On Regular Link

And this is another offer for the same card…

The Amex Gold welcome offer can go up to 90k through different links
Same Amex Gold 90k Offer Shown In Incognito

As you can see, the difference in offers can be quite significant which is why it’s important to know what the highest offer you can get is and know how you can get it.

Methods To Get The Highest Offer

Wow different offers for different people is annoying right? I totally agree but it is what it is. So here are some methods that can help you get the highest offer for the desired card.

Use Incognito or a Private Browsing Session

Just open up a new incognito window or private session and load up the URL of the card offer. This is the easiest method and often times all that it takes to have a better offer show up.

Use A Different Browser

I normally use Chrome but have had success using Firefox and Safari to get better options to show up. There are reports of Edge showing higher offers too so just try all of them and see what they show.

Use A Referral

Try using friends’ links or other affiliate links you find online to see if they can pull up the higher offer.

Use A Different Device

For example, if you’re normally trying to search for the offer on your computer, switch to your phone and check to see if that shows the better offer and vice versa if you were searching on a phone. I know a friend who couldn’t get the Business Platinum 170k offer to show up using his laptop until he tried searching for it on his phone.


This is the most tedious of the methods but is another way that could help pull up a higher offer.

Use All of the Above

If each individual method doesn’t work for you to see the higher offer, then try using a combination of the mentioned methods. For example, I would try incognito on a different browser like Firefox or Edge. If that doesn’t work I would try a private browsing session in Safari on my phone etc. Just mix and match the methods above and you may have success.

Call Amex

I put this last because most people don’t like having to call in but it is a method that has personally worked for me. Back when I was trying to get the 170k Business Platinum offer (which was the highest at the time), I tried all of the above methods and would only see the 150k offer. It wasn’t until I called in and asked the banker what offers they had for the Business Platinum was I finally offered the 170k one.

For the Business Platinum, there is a dedicated line you can call specifically for this card at 855-531-3491. Just give that line a call and ask for the highest offer they have.

Current Highest Amex Offers

These are the current highest Amex offers.

  • Amex Platinum 150,000 after 8k spend in 6 months
  • Amex Gold 90,000 after 4k spend in 3 months
  • Amex Business Gold 130,000 after 10k spend in 3 months
  • Amex Business Platinum 200,000 after 15k spend in 3 months
  • Amex Blue Business Plus 75,000 after 15k spend in 12 months

The Business Platinum 200,000 is highly targeted. You would have an easier chance getting the 190k one and should not settle for anything less than 170k.


Amex using targeted offers is really annoying to deal with but there are several methods you can use to help you find the highest offer. Sometimes it may take a couple days of trying just to get the highest offer to appear. Just be persistent and be ready to apply if the offer shows up since there’s no guarantee that it will show up again. Let me know how you guys get elevated offers to show up!

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